TSOA in Monocle Magazine

Desert Dwellers


TSOA appears in the article “Desert Dwellers” in Monocle Magazine The Forecast 2023.

Photo Credit: Daniel Dorsa for Monocle Magazine

Monocle has released The Forecast – the magazine that explains the year ahead – which includes a feature on The School of Architecture.

Monocle writer Gregory Scruggs visited The School of Architecture during artist Théodora Barat’s guest workshop, and in his piece “Desert Dwellers,” observes: “Standing barefoot in a high desert stream playing with what charitably could be described as junk stands in contrast to the computer-aided design that dominates contemporary architecture education. But for aspiring designers craving an alternative method that could set them apart from their peers in the job market, TSOA’s embrace of the tangible has a promising future.”

Scruggs also quotes Dean Lin who said, “Students learn the skills of project management before they even get jobs…They are really good problem solvers. Here they self-initiate and are very outspoken.”

“Desert Dwellers” is behind a paywall, but you can subscribe or order a hard copy in the following link Monocle Magazine

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