Usonia 21

Usonia 21 is a new interdisciplinary service-learning initiative at the School of Architecture, modeled after Wright’s mid-20th century vision of Usonia. In it he reimagined the American landscape through organic architecture. Usonia 21 is focused on developing student-led design and building projects in underserved communities.

The program emphasizes innovative affordable housing and economic development in collaboration with local non-profits. The program is a form of service-learning that expands on TSOA’s tradition of learning-by-doing. Usonia 21 enables students to collaborate with local communities to address issues of sustainability, equity, and racial justice through architecture.

The focus of this year’s initiative centers on a collaborative effort between the School of Architecture and Land Rich, an organization founded by Robert Wynn that works on land loss issues and heirs property connected to historically African American family property throughout the Southeast and the Johnny Carson Center’s Storytelling + Worldbuilding Lab at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln headed by Ash Eliza Smith.

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